Do you need some refreshing ideas using video to boost your marketing? Want some new ways to connect with parents and increase your enrollment at your child care center? I’ve seen some innovative strategies of using video that are delivering great results out in the child care field and now I’m bringing them to you!


1.    The first strategy is placing a flat screen TV in the lobby of your facility that plays an ongoing photo reel or actual video footage of children having fun, and learning, at your child care center. Programs that have made this small investment in a flat screen TV have seen great engagement with parents throughout the day, especially when the footage and photos are changed on a regular basis. This strategy does two things. First, it creates great engagement with existing parents, reminding them of what a positive experience their children are having at your center. Programs that are doing this have told me that parents will be completely transfixed on the screen in their lobby. Second, it makes you stand apart from your competitors when prospects come to visit. It is an effective marketing strategy using images and video that illustrates to potential clients what a great place your center is, and it only takes a little bit of time each week to keep the content fresh.

2.    The second strategy is to take “best-of” video footage and put it on a handheld device such as an iPad, and share this with parents when they are touring your center. You can show this video right after you give a walk-around tour and right before you ask for the enrollment. This will give you huge results. When they see real video footage of how great your center is and you make an emotional connection with them in that way, they are more likely to enroll with you.

3.    The third strategy is to capture some part of your program on video that is hard to explain to parents but is easy for them to understand once they watch it happening. For example, a child care center I know of that is based on the “Reggio Emilia” method of learning used an exercise to demonstrate their philosophy to parents that were having a hard time grasping the concept of their program. They used physical demonstrations of exploring an apple versus a worksheet on an apple. Exercises like this can be recorded and posted on your website or shown during tours to demonstrate what your program is all about and to illustrate how you are different from other programs.

I hope you’re inspired by these three ideas to refresh your use of video in marketing your child care center. Video marketing can capture what’s really special about your program. If you use one or two of these ideas we’re sure you’ll see success in increasing your enrollment!

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