Good help can be hard to come by these days. One question that keeps popping up in the Child Care Success Academy and in my Insider’s Circle group is where to find good, quality teachers and employees for child care centers. I have two resources for you to help you in your search for top notch staff for your preschool, daycare, or childcare.    preschool teacher

One great resource is This website can be a powerful place to find teacher talent and fill other positions such as cooks or administrators. It’s fairly simple to use and I’ve seen some child care owners get some great results with the website.

Once you visit the website click on the resume search link in the upper left hand side of the page. You can type in “early childhood education teacher” and other related terms to look around through people in your area.

You can also click on the “Employers” link and post your child care jobs onto Oftentimes child care owners and directors are finding dozens of qualified teacher candidates through this method.







LinkedIn has also been another really popular resource to find good teachers. You can post jobs right in LinkedIn by clicking on the jobs tab. On the right hand side of the screen will be an option to post jobs, specific to your area that will target the child care teachers and professionals that you would like to reach.

There are also many early childhood education groups you can join, many even specific to your area or network. If you go to LinkedIn and search for early childhood, early childcare, early child education, and other related search terms, you’ll find different levels of groups. You’ll find different teacher groups, especially one large one in particular called the Early Childhood Education, Child Care, and CCR&R Professionals Forum, that you can join.

Within all these groups is a separate jobs tab, where you can post your positions. Yes, with some of the larger groups everyone from around the country will see it but if people want to relocate to your area they may be interested and also people within your area will be able to see it as well. Give it a try!


Try LinkedIn to Find Staff For Your Child Care









These are the two latest and greatest tools that child care owners are using to find teacher talent! Use it to find some great staff for your child care or daycare.


Something to think about when hiring – one super important strategy to grow your enrollment long-term is to hire the ideal person for conducting tours of your child care facility. Persuading prospective new parents is a role that is often filled by the childcare center director or assistant director. But what if the strengths of these two top administrators do not lie in that arena? How can you still have amazing tours that create the rates of enrollment that you need to grow your program? There is a simple and strategically crucial answer.