We’re 10!  Can you believe it? I have been thinking a lot lately about the stories and milestones of this journey my team and I have been on for the last DECADE. Wow.  I am amazed and blessed, as I sit here reflecting on what we’ve created.

First and foremost..we have an exciting announcement.  Here in our 10th year, we have a new company NAME, a new set of logos, and a new company website is in the works!  Drumroll please…

We are no longer Child Care Marketing Solutions .  We are The Child Care Success Company.  Because that’s what we do.  We have new logos for the Summit and the Academy as well, to be revealed soon.


Check out this video when I announced our new company name on Saturday (June 1, 2019).

In ten years we’ve impacted nearly 700,000 children through our work with early childhood business owners. Here are just a few more of our numeric accomplishments since the company began in 2009.

When I started this business 10 years ago, I never envisioned it would be what it is today.  My children were age 6 and 3.  We were living in my hometown of Hudson, Ohio but I knew I wanted to get back to Colorado someday.  I wanted to create something meaningful for others, that would allow me to work at a home office, make a comfortable living, and be my own boss.  I wanted to be able to put my kids on the bus and be home for them when they got off the bus, rather than the long commute to my family’s bolt manufacturing plant in downtown Cleveland.

I could feel that something bigger was in my future, I just didn’t know what.

Check out this timeline of how the business evolved year by year.  2012 was a pivotal year.  New book, first Summit, move to Colorado, and so much more.   Use this as a model to reflect on your own journey.  What key decisions have you made to propel your growth?  Who have you added to your team that you’re most grateful for?  Who might you need to thank?  How can you leverage the success you’ve gained to grow to your next level?

I’d like to thank a few people who’ve made this journey possible (my Academy Awards moment lol)…  first of all, there are a few special people who were early-early clients who are STILL with us today and I’m SO grateful!  Donna Jensen, Mike Garatoni, and Sharon Foster.  You’ve been with me nearly a decade and I appreciate you more than you know.  And there are two clients who became team members who’ve been with me since the early days:  Jennifer Conner and Sindye Alexander.  Rockstars!!  I love you ladies.

To all my amazing team members, THANK YOU.  In no particular order: Katheryn, Nina, Carlo, Braylen, Todd, Joel, Tameenah, Ben, Lisa, Brian, Diane, and Bruce.  You make us (and me) look good.

It’s important to take time and reflect on how far you’ve come, to CELEBRATE that hard work and success, and give yourself the credit you deserve.  We grow up being told to be humble, don’t show off, serve others.  And those are all important messages.  But I also believe we need to say “Hell yeah!” when we kick butt and do great work.  So this is my “Hell yeah” moment.

Thank you for sharing it with me, and my incredible team.  To the next 10 years of impact on this planet, I say…. CHEERS!    – Kris

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