For those of you who are new to Online Marketing and digital space, I want to talk about best practices around your landing page. First and foremost, what is a Landing Page??

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Simply put – it’s a page on your website that you create, where you drive traffic from any lead generation source, like your Facebook business page, any other promotions, signage etc.  You are driving your prospects to a page where they have to either take a call to action or leave.  That’s the purpose of a landing page. Compared to a Home page, where they have navigation abilities to find out more about you , a landing page is completely  opposite. You are looking to them to take a certain action on that page. How are people responding to this call to action..and you are looking at these results based on if they convert or not.  You can measure the success of your landing pages by the percentage of people who took the action you wanted them to.

What are the elements of a good Landing Page?

You want to start with a Prospect Focused Headline. You want it to match it to where you are driving them.  For example, on your Facebook page  you might be running a special Fall promotion. You may have an image that ties into the copy on your post.  The specific URL would be underneath the photo that they would click on. When they arrive there, that is your landing page.  They see your Prospect Focused Headline which matches where you told them you were sending them. There is parallel messaging that is taking place!

Now that you have them there, you can state your call to action whether it be an invite to take a tour or a special tuition offer with a deadline.  The theme of the promotion starts with your Facebook page or your signage that has driven people to this landing page.  They land on the page and it’s exactly what they were looking for from the Facebook ad and info!  Then you give them the reasons why you are doing the promotion.

The unique benefits of your program and testimonials can be on the landing page as well. Even teacher testimonials. And as we all know, testimonials from those in the community are typically about 20 times more powerful than what you can say about yourself.

Your Call to Action – Make it clear and simple…What’s in it for them. Enroll by…. come take a tour..a picture of a gift they will get etc.

A Deadline to take Action – Give them an actual date to act by. Give them a sense of urgency or they won’t act – that’s human nature.

Remember this is prospect’s about what’s in for the parents! They either take your offer, or they leave the page – YOUR CONVERSION RATE.

So what’s a good conversion rate? In general,  a 12-20% conversion is a good ratio. Test your landing pages – work on your headlines, work on your offers.   This will drive your conversions.

Here is a break down of all the pieces we’ve covered, so you can make sure to build the best landing page to promote your child care:

Example Landing Page


Happy Landing Page Building!!!!