Kym Pomares: Child Care Rockstar Winner 2017 Will Be Passing Her “Crown” To The Next Child Care Rockstar. Will It Be You?

Last year, at the Child Care Success Summit, Kym Pomares won the crowd over during her Child Care Rockstar contest presentation. She told the story of how she went from being on the verge of bankruptcy and closing her doors to being an extremely successful and profitable child care business owner. She credits her success to the Child Care Success Academy.

The help and support she received from her coaches and peers reignited her passion and gave her hope that things could change. That hope, coupled with a lot of hard work implementing every bit of advice she could, not only saved her school but won her the title of “Child Care Rockstar.” Will you be next?

kym pomares rockstar

The Journey of a Child Care Rockstar

Kym Pomares is the owner of Courthouse Academy. Having opened the school in 1992, Kym was renting space from a church and operating in the back. With rapid growth and profitability for a number of years, Kym assumed success would continue from here on out.

Soon thereafter Kym was notified that the church would not be renewing her contract and would be given nine months to find a new location. During this time, Kym found land and built a school from the ground up.

Kym quickly went from five classrooms to nine and rent of $1700/month to a mortgage of around $18k/month. Looking to continue the school’s growth, Kym doubled to nineteen classrooms and a mortgage of about $25k/month when enrollment stopped keeping up with expenses. With no money for payroll and only months away from bankruptcy, Kym battled on whether or not she should attend a Kris Murray Success Summit event.

Knowing that it was only a short time away before she would have to shut her doors, Kym decided to purchase her ticket and attend her first Success Summit.

Kym took the plunge and hasn’t looked back since. Together, with Kris Murray, Kym worked on her school’s core values, website, phone skills, marketing, culture and more. All of which have helped turn Courthouse Academy around with a net increase of 179.6% over previous fiscal year.

Today, worries about bankruptcy are in the distant past and Kym’s story of overcoming huge hurdles is the reason she is the 2017 Child Care Rockstar. In 2016 she was over $90,000 in debt, today she is completely debt free. She’s had huge wins from taking action and implementing what she learned.

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