From the desk of Camille St Martin, Social Media Marketing Expert for Child Care:

Facebook ads can be an effective way to get leads for new enrollments at your child care business but did you know you can also use Facebook ads to find high quality staff?!

For those of you who don’t know me, I’ve worked with Kris Murray and The Child Care Success Company , specializing in the company’s social media campaigns for the past few years. After being in the industry, I realized child care centers desperately need help with their social media! So I started running social media campaigns for child care centers to help them get enrollments and employees.

When I opened my email inbox the other day, I received the nicest email from a child care client about the social media ad campaigns I just ran to recruit employees for her child care business.

She said,

“I cannot believe the qualified applicants we have received from your social media campaign!!!! We have hired two amazing professionals and have a dozen or more resumes. Not only did we get great applicants but we also have had more visits to our website and Facebook page in the last month. In addition we have also scheduled a few tours from this campaign. I will no longer waste valuable time or money when I need teachers. I will always look to you in the future for your assistance in searching for great professionals in the Early Childhood Field!! Thank you for your help.”

These are real results. I know finding qualified staff for your child care is one of the biggest issues you are facing today, so I wanted to share some tips on how to use social media ads for recruitment.

There are a couple ways to go about running recruitment ads on Facebook. The simplest way is to just boost a post out to your Facebook fans and their friends and hope your boosted post will reach the right people. Another option when boosting a post is to choose people to target by interest. You can target people that live in your area that have interests that are related to early childhood education, preschool, prek, child development, etc. Try this out and see what kind of results you get.

Boosting is most likely a strategy that many of you have tried, but targeting when boosting a post is EXTREMELY limited, so it is much more efficient to try out Facebook Ads Manager (although you will need to spend a little bit of time learning to navigate the platform).

Once you get into Facebook Ads Manager you can get even more targeted. In Facebook Ads Manager you can run ads to people that live in your area with certain degrees, that have gone to certain schools, or that have particular job titles such as preschool director, child care provider, child care assistant, etc. You can run ads to people that have just moved to the area (so may be job hunting) or even people that work for other child care businesses! You can run ads to single moms, stay at home moms, and more. Many of these different options have been giving me great results. Explore around the demographics options and you will find endless ways to find potential staff that might be right for your center. (I am soon releasing a course where I have compiled entire lists of demographics and interests options that are working really well for hiring!)

Write your ads for the different demographics you are targeting. In the ad/post make sure to explain why your child care would be such a great place to work! Videos of your employees having fun or talking about why they like to work in child care is very effective. If you don’t have video, images of your happy staff and text testimonials also work great.

Just as with posting the job anywhere else, don’t post boring job descriptions that state pay and hours! Give people reasons to want to work for you, people choose jobs for many reasons beyond pay and hours. You’ll want to write your ad so that you find people that are a good fit.

Using Facebook ads as a recruitment tool really works! If you’re interested in how to set up effective enrollment and recruitment campaigns step-by-step, and want to know the secrets to unlocking the extraordinary power of social media for your child care, check out Social Media For Child Care: The Ultimate Course.

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