Guess what we’ve been doing here at The Child Care Success Company ? Believe it or not, we’ve been TRYING to call you to check in and see if we could help you bring your child care business to that next level of success.

Last week we called over 75 child care centers. Do you know what happened when we called? I want to show you. Here’s the role play:


“Hello, Hello, is anybody there? Is anybody going to pick up the phone? Nobody? Nobody’s picking up the phone. No voice mail. No message. Nothing!”

“Let me try the next child care center. It’s ringing, and ringing and ringing.”

answerthephone1This happened over and over again. Sometimes I might get voice mail, but I just couldn’t believe how often it would ring and ring. So few of the schools we called answered their phone.

In fact, over 50% of the child care centers we tried to call either sent us to a voice mail and we never heard back or the phone would just ring and ring with no answer.

You know I have talked before about the importance of having a human being answer your phone. The telephone is the number one enrollment building tool in our industry and STILL we are seeing dismal phone answering practices. We know because we TRIED to call you and nobody answered the phone.

In this video I want to highlight what we’ve seen and how important it is to answer the phones at your child care business.

I know that you are going into summer and busy getting your summer camps going. You also might be dealing with teacher hiring and the transition and chaos that brings. But honestly what we see most often this time of year is the tendency for child care businesses to relax and not focus on enrollment building and marketing.

I understand that you need to take a breath and you need some time to get away from your business and go on vacation. I highly recommend that you take some time off for yourself.

But you STILL neanswerthephone2ed to make sure you have the staffing to answer your phones.On a past blog post we’ve talked about using an automated phone tree and I’m all for using that to help funnel calls to the right people. But even phone trees need to direct callers to a real, LIVE person.

If your phone has a recorded message with a phone tree and you press one for enrollment information, two for billing questions, etc., that one for enrollment information MUST be answered by a human being. Do you want to know why?

What would you think if your child was in a child care program that you could never reach by phone? Would it generate a feeling of trust? Would it make you feel comforted knowing that nobody’s picking up the phone? Would you want to enroll your child in that school? Seriously, you would be thinking to yourself…what is going on over there? What’s REALLY going on?

Answering the phone is at the top of the list of best business practices for your child care center. I had to bring it up again because of what we just experienced in calling many of you in our field. Please take this to heart!

We’re here to help you build your business and get to that next level of success and if you want to grow your enrollment and stay full you need to find a way to have a real, live person answer your phone.


So this is your homework assignment. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror and if this is happening at your schools, fix it. Right now! As an owner you should be calling your child care centers at least once a week to see how your phone is answered.

You need to find a way to call from different numbers and stay on top of what is going on in your schools if you want to provide high quality care and engender trust in your marketplace. Your phone is your number one most important marketing and enrollment building tool.

You simply MUST have your phone answered by a person who is pleasant, plugged in and happy to answer it.

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