Julie Roy
Omaha, Nebraska

Julie Roy owns 9 schools in the Omaha, Nebraska area. She is in fast growth mode and is on a mission to impact 1,000 children every day. Julie shares now NOT to get stuck in the day to day of your business, and how to accomplish more through delegation and outsourcing.

Hemang & Janaki Patel
Ellicott City, Maryland

Hemang & Janaki have 2 locations in Maryland. They went from the stress of struggling to find staff, to sleeping soundly because they are now using best practices in hiring. Both have had massive improvements in their mindsets and are now living their best lives. Learn more…

Kari Boetcher
Lewis Center, Ohio

Kari learned about us through our Enrollment Boot Camp Program, but needed more help and support to run her business. She went from 34 kids enrolled to 135 kids, and from losing $8K/week to more than tripling her revenue after joining the Child Care Success Academy™.

Steve Lloyd
Centennial, Colorado

Steve and his mom, Jessica, own a preschool in Centennial, CO. When they first joined the Academy they were drowning, working 70+ hours per week in their business, rather than ON it. Now they are completely out of overwhelm, have an admin team and systems in place. Learn more about Steve’s story…

Michelle Smith Lank
Statesboro, Georgia

Michelle says she gained the confidence to expand through her time in the Child Care Success Academy. She implemented over 70 strategies in her business, and is bringing in ONE MILLION dollars more in revenue this year (2018) than she did in 2015. The accountability of this group helped her accomplish that.

Donna Jensen
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Donna has used what she’s learned in the Child Care Success Academy to completely rebuild her business TWICE after some unforseen tragedies, including a building flood. Donna attributes her success to “going back to basics” and implementing Kris Murray methods. Check out her inspiring story here.

Tameenah Adams
Washington D.C.

Tameenah was able to implement change and get her team on board very quickly, so when life threw her some devastating punches, her business was still able to function and flourish.

Geren & Melissa Andersen
SanAntonio, Texas

Geren & Melissa bought a child care center when it “looked good on paper,” and quickly found themselves in a fight for survival. Implementing many strategies learned in the CCSA has made all the difference for success, and multi-location ownership.

Dawn Uribe
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Being a part of the Child Care Success Academy™ has brought Dawn a 15x return on her investment in the Platinum membership and clarity on her vision of what she wants out of life!

Veronica Nelson
Salt Lake City, Utah

Veronica finally stopped spinning her wheels and gained momentum to open her 4th center. She grew as a leader and got buy in from her whole team for an overall improved staff culture.

Lisa Giancarli
Central New Jersey

Lisa bought a child care center without knowing anything about the business. The CCSA help her overcome many hurdles including identifying and overcoming a toxic staff culture.

Chirag Patel
Sewell, New Jersey

Chirag, always looking to better himself, felt that joining the Academy brought him so many new learning experiences. Insights gained from other members of the group have been priceless.

Lynne Sutton
Buffalo, New York
Josh Young
Multiple Sites, Maryland
Rhonda Meyers
Metro Detroit, Michigan
Jolene Conigliaro
New Milford, Pennsylvania
Gerry Pastor
Multiple Sites, Connecticut
Vernon Mason
Multiple Sites, North Carolina
Tim Carter
Bob DeLisle
Joe Lawrence
Missy Webb
Summer Picha
Gerry Pastor