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At The Child Care Success Company , we work with people in early childhood education who are really good at what they do; however, most have never been taught exactly how to market or set up systems in order to ALWAYS be successfully attracting, enrolling, and retaining new families. We now offer a complimentary STRATEGY SESSION to assess the needs of your facility.

Empire Ellie or Ed is a visionary leader who has a drive to build an early learning empire. Regardless of your number of locations, you have a big dream for growth, success, or wealth. You likely stand out in your marketplace in terms of quality and/or market share. However, you still question whether your company could run better and more efficiently. You want access to the big ideas and “players” in our industry, and you want a true mastermind group to help you build your empire and avoid costly mistakes. Deal evaluation, financing, wealth-building, advanced marketing, and speed of implementation are what you need most right now. A coach and a peer group of like-minded entrepreneurs will help you go further, faster, and you will feel less alone at the top.

This Is For You If You Can Say YES To Most Of These Statements:

  • You have a stable, profitable business but you want to go further – faster

  • You have a fast-expansion vision such as “7 more schools in 5 years” or “10 to 20”

  • You have a desire to build wealth and use that wealth for making a bigger impact and legacy

  • You think to yourself, “Life is okay but I want something bigger”

  • You want to work on exit strategy and succession planning so you can plot your next move

  • You want Kris Murray on speed-dial and the highest level of coaching and masterminding

What You Need Most Right Now (In This Order)

1. Dream Management. Kris Murray will work with you to identify your 3-year dream plan as well as your 10-year vision. You need a checklist to make sure your business is structured properly to achieve your dreams in the time frame you want. When you have clarity on your “gaps” you can make progress on your dreams much more effectively and quickly.


2. Deal Evaluation and Skill Development. You want to go after your dreams but you may not have the advisory team, confidence, or tools in place to assess different deals and opportunities that come your way. We’ll help you understand how to evaluate deals, perform high-level negotiation, build your dream team of advisors, and be more confident on your path to wealth and living your dreams fully.


3. Advanced Business Metrics and Marketing. You need more advanced marketing to compete with the large chains and other players in your market. You also need to be measuring advanced KPI’s (key performance indicators) in your business to give you clarity if you need to pivot or make a move.

Exclusive Benefits for Empire Track

The Empire Track is specifically designed to help Empire Ellie or Ed achieve their big dreams of expansion, wealth, or succession/exit. You’ll get all the benefits listed in the Growth and Freedom Tracks PLUS these exclusive benefits just for Empire members:

Three Empire-Only Mastermind Days. On the day prior to the 2-day meetings with the Freedom members, you’ll meet with your Empire peer group in a true mastermind experience led by Kris. Guest speakers on Empire topics will be brought in, Kris will train on advanced marketing topics, and “laser coaching” sessions will be provided.


Two-Day Kris Murray Experience, Exclusively for EMPIRE. Kris Murray Experience in Aspen, Colorado. One day of adventure in the mountains (such as whitewater rafting) then one day of high-level masterminding and training. VIP Dinner with Kris.


Focused Asset Creation for Expansion, Wealth-Building, and Advanced Metrics so you can accomplish your dreams faster.


Monthly Empire-Only Coaching Calls. Small group calls focused on Empire topics and/or a Q&A with an Empire member on a specific win or strategy that all members can benefit from.


Four Emergency Calls with Kris. Only Empire members have Kris’s private cell phone. You’ll have four 15-minute emergency calls to use whenever you need them!


Unlimited Team Training. We don’t want you as the owner to be the “bottleneck” of the process and methods we teach. The Empire Track includes the Team Training Level of an UNLIMITED number of your employees. (Click here for the Team Level details).


EIGHT 1-on-1 Coaching Calls – 4 for You, 4 for Your Team: We want you start “letting go of the vine”! When your admin team meets one on one with your coach, they will be inspired to start taking more off your plate.


Direct Competitor Lock-Out. You can share freely with others when you don’t have to worry about a direct competitor in the room or on a coaching call. We use the population density of your market to determine a competitive lock-out radius for all your locations. (Varies from ½ mile for large cities to 10 miles for rural areas).