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At The Child Care Success Company , we work with people in early childhood education who are really good at what they do; however, most have never been taught exactly how to market or set up systems in order to ALWAYS be successfully attracting, enrolling, and retaining new families. We now offer a complimentary STRATEGY SESSION to assess the needs of your facility.

Freedom Felicia (or Fred) has a stable early childhood business, because she already has an admin team in place that runs her school(s). However, she still may provide coverage as a director during emergency times or vacations, and she gets pulled away from her high-payoff projects more than she’d like. She may have a vision for expanding to more locations, or adding more capacity to her current location, but since she still finds herself working more than 40 hours a week and feels burnt out, she’s just not sure that dream is in the cards for her. Freedom Felicia needs help with delegation, automation, and systems, so she can get BREAK FREE from her business to a greater degree. She also needs great marketing that keeps her school(s) full, consistency in operations across locations, and a growth mindset that will support her on this journey to make a greater impact on her community and the world.

This Is For You If You Can Say YES To Most Of These Statements:

  • You have a stable business 60-80% of the time

  • You get pulled back in when directors leave or teacher turnover hits a crisis point

  •  You are profitable but still leaving money on the table

  • Company culture, and the stability of your team, is a top issue

  • You need help with delegation, systems, operations, and automation so you can reduce the team’s workload

  • You desperately want the business to operate without you so you can break free and get your life back

What You Need Most Right Now (In This Order):

1. Delegation, Automation, and Systems. The Freedom Track is all about “letting go of the vine” so you can act as the Visionary who’s working ON the business and leading it to the next level, rather than fighting fires and working IN the business. To do this, you must sharpen your ability to delegate, automate, and develop systems in the business. We’ll help you develop core processes and hold your team accountable to results.


2. Culture of Excellence and Collaboration. Culture is everything when it comes to your ability to delegate to an empowered team who are excited to help you achieve your vision in your company. We’ll show you how to develop this positive and collaborative culture — by building assets for hiring, onboarding, training, leadership, and quickly letting go of toxic staff who are no longer serving your program.


3. Full Enrollment Formula. You’ve already got stable income and your enrollment is likely higher than 70% to capacity. However, you’re still leaving revenue and profit margin on the table. We’ll train your team on Kris Murray phone, tour, and follow up skills so you’ll pick up that income which can help you hire more admin staff to ease the workload, or bring more income to your personal wealth account.

Exclusive Benefits for Freedom Track

The Freedom Track is specifically designed to help Felicia or Fred BREAK FREE from the business, so you can work on your expansion plan or take more worry-free vacations. You’ll get all the benefits listed in the Growth Track PLUS these exclusive benefits just for Freedom members:

One Additional “Mastermind” Meeting. You’ll get THREE 2-day conferences with us this year – January, April, July. These will be held in on Friday-Saturday to make it easier for you to be away from your center(s).


Focused Asset Creation for Systems, Delegation, and Gaining Freedom from Your Business.


Team Training. We don’t want you as the owner to be the “bottleneck” of the process and methods we teach. The Freedom Track includes the Team Training Level of up to FIVE of your employees. (Click Here for the Team Level details)


Six 1-on-1 Coaching Calls – 4 for You, 2 for Your Team: We want you start “letting go of the vine”! When your team meets one on one with your coach, they will be inspired to start taking more off your plate.


Direct Competitor Lock-Out. You can share freely with others when you don’t have to worry about a direct competitor in the room or on a coaching call. We use the population density of your market to determine a competitive lock-out radius for all your locations. (Varies from ½ mile for large cities to 10 miles for rural areas).

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