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At Child Care Marketing Solutions, we work with people in early childhood education who are really good at what they do; however, most have never been taught exactly how to market or set up systems in order to ALWAYS be successfully attracting, enrolling, and retaining new families. We now offer a complimentary STRATEGY SESSION to assess the needs of your facility.

Multiplier Mary (or Mike) functions as the true owner of her early childhood business, because she already has a team in place that runs her school. However, she still may provide coverage as a director during emergency times or vacations, and she gets pulled away from her high-payoff projects more than she’d like. She has a vision for expanding to more locations, or adding more capacity to her current location, but since she still finds herself working more than 40 hours a week and feels burnt out, she’s just not sure that dream is in the cards for her. Multiplier Mary needs help with delegation, automation and systems, great marketing that keeps her school(s) full, consistency in operations across locations, and a growth  mindset that will support her on this journey to make a greater impact on her community and the world.

This is for you if:

  • You are the owner of 1 to 4 locations

  • You have a team of directors and/or assistant directors

  • You are the executive director of a non-profit with a large number of locations, or are in fast-expansion mode

This is not for you if:

  • You own 5 or more locations

  • You are an owner in the director/admin role

Pain Points Solved by the Platinum Program

Through our work with Multiplier Mary and Mike over the last decade, we created a methodology and proven system which solves the following “pain points.” Here’s what’s keeping you up at night:


You have multiple schools but one or more of them is under-enrolled, maybe even severely. You know you are leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table annually, but you don’t have the knowledge, time, or team to help you get full and stay there.


You want to be proud of the company you’ve built but sometimes your culture feels toxic or complacent. You’re not sure how to inspire the troops to be team players, and sometimes you’re just too worn out to keep trying.


You want to expand but given what’s on your plate right now, it seems impossible. You also may feel clueless or fearful about best location choice, financing options, and how fast you can get it enrolled. You need a clear roadmap for growth, school by school.

Team Management.

Your staff comes to you more than you’d like for day to day issues,
emergencies, and the crisis of the moment. You sometimes feel like a hamster on a wheel, where the days fly by dealing with issues, and you never gain traction on the big important things in your business.


You worry about maintaining consistency in your policies, processes, quality, and marketing as you grow. You think your directors are running your schools like you would, but you’re not really sure.

Pain Points Solved by the Platinum Program

At this stage, it’s really all about how you spend your time and money to manage your business for growth. We’ll start with a fresh look at your business metrics to gain clarity together on your enrollment “funnel”, your financial health, and your time management. We’ll get you out of overwhelm and re-focused on the key priorities that will shift you into success mode. You may also need to clarify your company vision and core values, to shift your culture into one of excellence and collaboration.

How We Support You Through the Journey This Year

The Platinum Program is specifically designed to meet  owners/directors where they are at RIGHT NOW and give them the tools, training, mindset, and support they need to expand their vision and get help running the day-to-day operation of their program. Here’s what your game-changing year with us will look like:

Live Conferences.

You’ll get THREE 2-day conferences with us this year – January, April, July. These will be held on Friday-Saturday to make it easier for you to be away from your center(s).

Team Training.

We don’t want you as the owner to be the “bottleneck” of the process and methods we teach. Platinum includes the Team Training Level of up to FIVE of your employees. (Keep reading for the Team Level details).

Direct Competitor Lock-Out.

We know it’s uncomfortable to be in a live small group settng with a direct competitor at the table. Platinum Membership guarantees this won’t happen. We use the population density of your market to determine a competitive lock-out radius for all your locations. (Varies from ½ mile for large cities to 10 miles for rural areas).

1-on-1 Coaching Calls.

You’ll be assigned a coach who has walked in your shoes and actually achieved the success you’re dreaming about. Through your highly personalized and impactiul 1-on-1 calls with your coach, you will gain clarity, a step by step path for success, and accountability to get it done.

Monthly Group Calls.

These calls are 50% topic-focused, 50% sharing what’s working among Platinum and Platinum Plus members. The topics are based on our program methodology and you’ll have the topics in advance.

Mindset & Confidence.

We find that all our members struggle with old mindset patterns which are no longer serving them. We will help you shift your mindset so you are empowered to believe in a new bigger vision for your business and your life.

Online Members Area.

So many resources and tools!! From training courses to a 26-video curriculum to a Resource Library full of dozens of tools and templates, the Members Area is your go-to when you’re looking for a shortcut or a proven system for growth and success.

Child Care Success Summit.

The Success Summit is THE event for ongoing inspiration, motivation, and early learning business training. You get TWO complimentary tickets, plus access to this year’s full recordings