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At Child Care Marketing Solutions, we work with people in early childhood education who are really good at what they do; however, most have never been taught exactly how to market or set up systems in order to ALWAYS be successfully attracting, enrolling, and retaining new families. We now offer a complimentary STRATEGY SESSION to assess the needs of your facility.

Empire Ed (or Ellie) tends to be a visionary leader who has a drive to build an early learning empire. Whether you have 5 locations or the desire to grow to 50, you stand out in your marketplace in terms of quality and size. Your brand already has recognition in  your community, because your economies of scale and more sophisticated marketing approach have allowed you to grow to where you are today. However, you still question whether your company could run better and more efficiently. Empire Ed (Ellie) is unsure of how to scale further, and who to add to his corporate team to support his desired growth. You crave the input of other high achievers who you can bounce ideas off and have a true “mastermind” experience. A coach and a peer group of like-minded entrepreneurs will help you go further, faster, and you will feel less alone at the top.

This is for you if:

  • You own 5-15 locations.

  • You own less than 5 locations but you are in fast growth mode and want the VIP Bonus Roundtable Day as well as extra support to hit your big goals

This is not for you if:

  • You own more than 15 locations.*

  • You are a start-up or a director.

*If you own more than 15 locations, please inquire about the Private Mentorship program.

Pain Points Solved by the Platinum Plus Program

Through our work with Empire Ed and Ellie over the last decade, we created a methodology and proven system which solves the following “pain points.” Here’s what’s keeping you up at night:


You probably have a solid marketing plan in place, but your team still needs help and motivation to convert leads into enrollments. It frustrates you that you aren’t completely full with a wait list, but you are profitable so you continue to chip away at gettng your team to drive enrollment. You seek advanced marketing strategies
to keep you one step ahead of the competition biting at your heels.


You are unsure of how to scale further without puttng stress on your team and company. You want to know how other multi-site owners structure their corporate teams to support fast growth, as well as what systems and technology they are using.

Expansion / Financing.

One of the biggest obstacles to faster growth is cash. You
want access to different streams of financing and you seek new models for how to build, buy, lease, and get cash for capital improvements.

Exit Strategy.

Of course, you also want to sell someday (or fairly soon) and you want to set up your company for a successful exit.

Simple Changes, Big Results

The Platinum Plus membership is a true “mastermind” experience. With the bonus roundtable to kick off our quarterly meetings three times next year, you will get to know the other Platinum Plus members really well and get all our brains focused on your business, so we can help you solve literally any issues you face. The sharing that takes place in this group is incredibly powerful, and the coaches and Kris are there all year to keep you focused on – and accountable to hittng – your big goals.

How We Support You Through the Journey This Year

Live Conferences.

You’ll get THREE 2-day conferences with us this year (January, April, July). Plus you’ll arrive a day early for a special Plat Plus-only closed-door roundtable day, designed as a true “mastermind” experience. The day is run by Kris and all coaches attend for extra expertise and support.

Team Training.

We don’t want you as the owner to be the “bottleneck” of the process and methods we teach. Platinum Plus includes the Team Training Level of an UNLIMITED number of your employees. (Keep reading for the Team Level details).

Direct Competitor Lock-Out.

We know it’s uncomfortable to be in a live small group
settng with a direct competitor at the table. Plat Plus Membership guarantees this won’t happen. We use the population density of your market to determine a competitive lock-out radius for all your locations. (Varies from ½ mile for large cities to 10 miles for rural areas).

1-on-1 Coaching Calls.

You’ll be assigned a coach who has walked in your shoes and
actually achieved the success you’re dreaming about. Through your highly personalized and impactful 1-on-1 calls with your coach, you will gain clarity, a step by step path for success, and accountability to get it done.

Monthly Group Calls.

These calls are 50% topic-focused, 50% sharing what’s working
among Platinum and Platinum Plus members. The topics are based on our program methodology and you’ll have the topics in advance.

Online Members Area.

So many resources and tools!! From training courses to a
26-video curriculum to a Resource Library full of dozens of tools and templates, the members Area is your go-to when you’re looking for a shortcut or a proven system for growth and success.

Child Care Success Summit.

The Success Summit is THE event for ongoing
inspiration, motivation, and early learning business training. You get TWO complimentary tickets, plus access to this year’s full recordings.