A Personal Letter From Kris:

Dear Friend,

When I started out as an early childhood consultant back
in 2010, I had no idea what might come of it. I had no defined vision, a couple of clients, and very little income. What I did have was certainty that the market needed what I had to offer. It needed a fresh approach to building enrollment and retaining clients. The child care industry needed great marketing, sound business practices, leadership training, and a mindset shift towards prosperity.

Fast forward to today, I’ve been extremely blessed to have the opportunity to make an ever-increasing difference through our Child Care Success Academy™ and Private Mentorship programs.  I want to know if deep down in your heart you’ve been wanting something more for your business and your life.

The heartfelt mission of myself and my team is to improve the child care experience for one million children on the planet, by raising the bar on the experience for teachers, parents, leaders and of course kids. Today, I’m inviting you to be part of this mission.

Click on the membership levels below to discover more about what we have to offer inside the Child Care Success Academy™ Growth, Freedom, Empire, and Team levels. If you want your business to have a strong culture of positive focus, continuous improvement, and excellence, this is for you. If you want to widen your impact on children and families in your community, while providing more abundance for you, your family, and your staff, take a deeper look.

I hope you will explore our different membership levels to learn more about the benefits of the Academy and why it works. We have several success stories and case studies that speak for themselves, and I am personally very proud of the transformations I’ve witnessed from the work we do. If the time is right for you, I hope you will join us. If you have any questions, Click Here to schedule a Strategy Session with one of our coaches.


P.S. If you’re interested in working with me privately, please let my team know by emailing support@childcare-marketing.com, as there is a separate Private Mentorship application by request.

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At The Child Care Success Company , we work with people in early childhood education who are really good at what they do; however, most have never been taught exactly how to market or set up systems in order to ALWAYS be successfully attracting, enrolling, and retaining new families. We now offer a complimentary STRATEGY SESSION to assess the needs of your facility.

Three Levels of Success

Whether you are just getting started in the early learning child care field or are a seasoned professional with multiple locations to manage, The Child Care Success Company has a Success Academy Membership Program to fit your needs and budget. Take a look at the profile types below and choose the one that best fits you, and get started today – the next level of achievement is just a few clicks away!

Which Entrepreneurial Profile Are You?

Growth Gabby & Gus

Growth Membership

Growth Gabby (or Gus) is in survival mode. She started with a dream to impact children and make a good living for herself. But because she’s literally trying to do it ALL – from scheduling staff, doing tours, payroll, licensing, even working in the kitchen and driving the bus – she is 110% overloaded. She has no time to work on marketing her center or reviewing her financials, so she’s on a treadmill of low to no profit (she may even be LOSING money every month) and no time to grow her enrollment. She is likely working 60-70 hours a week, not earning the income she dreamed about, burnt out, and lonely. She desperately wants time to work on her business and maximize her enrollment, so she can hire some office help and reduce her stress and overwhelm.

Freedom Felicia & Fred

Freedom Membership

Freedom Felicia (or Fred) has a stable early childhood business, because she already has an admin team in place that runs her school(s). However, she still may provide coverage as a director during emergency times or vacations, and she gets pulled away from her high-payoff projects more than she’d like. She may have a vision for expanding to more locations, or adding more capacity to her current location, but since she still finds herself working more than 40 hours a week and feels burnt out, she’s just not sure that dream is in the cards for her. Freedom Felicia needs help with delegation, automation, and systems, so she can get BREAK FREE from her business to a greater degree. She also needs great marketing that keeps her school(s) full, consistency in operations across locations, and a growth mindset that will support her on this journey to make a greater impact on her community and the world.

Empire Ellie & Ed

Empire Membership

Empire Ellie (or Ed) is a visionary leader who has a drive to build an early learning empire. Regardless of your number of locations, you have a big dream for growth, success, or wealth. You likely stand out in your marketplace in terms of quality and/or market share. However, you still question whether your company could run better and more efficiently. You want access to the big ideas and “players” in our industry, and you want a true mastermind group to help you build your empire and avoid costly mistakes. Deal evaluation, financing, wealth-building, advanced marketing, and speed of implementation are what you need most right now. A coach and a peer group of like-minded entrepreneurs will help you go further, faster, and you will feel less alone at the top.

This is the Only Coaching Program in the World that is Designed Exclusively to Give Child Care Owners & Leaders the Business Training They Need to Get to the Next Level.