This is the Only Coaching Program in the World that is Designed Exclusively to Give Child Care Owners & Leaders the Business Training they Need to Get to the Next Level.

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At Child Care Marketing Solutions, we work with people in early childhood education who are really good at what they do; however, most have never been taught exactly how to market or set up systems in order to ALWAYS be successfully attracting, enrolling, and retaining new families. We now offer a complimentary STRATEGY SESSION to assess the needs of your facility.

Three Levels of Success

Whether you are just getting started in the early learning child care field or are a seasoned professional with multiple locations to manage, Child Care Marketing Services has a Success Academy Membership Program to fit your needs and budget.  Take a look at the profile types below and choose the one that best fits you, and get started today – the next level of achievement is just a few clicks away!

Which Entrepreneurial Profile Are You?

Solo Sally & Sam

Gold Membership

Solo Sally (or Sam) is an owner of her early learning business, but she’s also working as the director or administrator in it. Solo Sally started with a dream to impact children and make a good living for herself. But because she’s literally trying to do it ALL – from scheduling staff, doing tours, payroll, licensing, even working in the kitchen and driving the bus – she is 110% overloaded with all the demands on her time. She is likely working 60-70 hours a week, not earning the income she dreamed about, burnt out, and lonely. She desperately wants time to work on her business and maximize her enrollment, so she can hire some office help and reduce her stress and overwhelm.

Multiplier Mary & Mike

Platinum Membership

Multiplier Mary (or Mike) functions as the true owner of her early childhood business, because she already has a team in place that runs her school. However, she still may provide coverage as a director during emergency times or vacations, and she gets pulled away from her high-payoff projects more than she’d like. She has a vision for expanding to more locations, or adding more capacity to her current location, but since she still finds herself working more than 40 hours a week and feels burnt out, she’s just not sure that dream is in the cards for her. Multiplier Mary needs help with delegation, automation and systems, great marketing that keeps her school(s) full, consistency in operations across locations, and a growth mindset that will support her on this journey to make a greater impact on her community and the world.

Empire Ed & Ellie

Platinum Plus Membership

Empire Ed (or Ellie) tends to be a visionary leader who has a drive to build an early learning empire. Whether you have 5 locations or the desire to grow to 50, you stand out in your marketplace in terms of quality and size. Your brand already has recognition in your community, because your economies of scale and more sophisticated marketing approach have allowed you to grow to where you are today. However, you still question whether your company could run better and more efficiently. Empire Ed (Ellie) is unsure of how to scale further, and who to add to his corporate team to support his desired growth. You crave the input of other high achievers who you can bounce ideas off and have a true “mastermind” experience. A coach and a peer group of like-minded entrepreneurs will help you go further, faster, and you will feel less alone at the top.