child care success summit kris murray
child care success summit kris murray

Oct. 10-12th- The Child Care Success Summit, Orlando, FL

Kris Murray and the The Child Care Success Company team host the world’s largest conference 100% focused on the business side of child care designed to help child care owners make the next leap to a successful business and life. The Child Care Success Summit 2019,  will be three extraordinary, life-changing days in Orlando, FL.


This event is the only chance to be able to network with the other 650+ child care business owners that share in the same issues and day-to-day challenges and have the solutions to your struggles! You will also get the tools and resources you need get your child care business to the next level of success

Whether you’re a seasoned owner with multiple locations or you’re new to the business and in “start-up” mode, everything you need to be successful in this unique field will be provided at the Child Care Success Summit. Here are the 5 big benefits you’ll get when you register and attend:

BIG BENEFIT #1: Three Days of High-Value Content Designed to Take Your Child Care Program to the NEXT LEVEL. My best all-new content is designed to give you fast LEAPS to new levels of success in your business

BIG BENEFIT #2: My “Big Breakthrough” Take-Home Manual and Binder: A huge resource guide of all the content, handouts, exercises, templates, and marketing examples from other programs that you can model
BIG BENEFIT #3: Live Business Makeovers: One-on-One sessions in the front of the room where I’ll personally “make over” your program and help you quickly identify and BUST through obstacles! Everyone will get a chance to apply for a Business Makeover with me while you’re there.
BIG BENEFIT #4: Panel of Experts and a Live Closed-Door “Mastermind” Experience with Everyone in the Room
BIG BENEFIT #5: Breakout Workshop Sessions. Workshops specifically designed for training topics unique to what Owners and Directors really need most now.
BIG BENEFIT #6: Networking with some of the Most Successful Child Care Leaders on the Planet. I always say, the fastest path to get where you want to be is to model others who are already THERE…and network with them, even get mentoring from them. This is the place to be – in fact, it’s the event of the year – for rubbing shoulders with some of this country’s most highly successful owners and leaders who run multiple locations (and run them well and profitably)