Here at The Child Care Success Company , we work with people in early childhood education who are really good at what they do; however, most have never been taught exactly how to market or set up systems in order to ALWAYS be successfully attracting, enrolling, and retaining new families.  Our clients tend to be owners or directors looking to reach the next level of success, or to solve the pains they are experiencing in their child care program.  Interestingly, many of our clients are husband-wife teams who own between 2 and 6 locations.  That said, the people we help run the whole gamut – from start-ups to people who’ve been in the early childhood business for 35 years or more.

The Child Care Success Company Success Stories

child care marketing success

25 Percent Increase in Private Pay Families in Six Months!

“Using Kris’s strategies, we were able to decrease our subsidized children by 25% and yet at the same time increase our over all enrollment by 10% over a 6 month period. We continue to enroll our full pay private parents and I believe we will be near capacity and fully enrolled over the next 90 days. Thanks Kris and Devin for all your help and proven ideas that work.”


Don Sutton
Owner, Crowned Hart Preschools
St. Augustine, FL

early learning center marketing testimonial

We’re Up by Over 150 Children in Our 5 Locations Since Working with Kris

“Working with Kris and using her Enrollment Boot Camp strategies has been the single most important thing we’ve done to grow our enrollment. Quite simply we would not be where we are today without her expertise. As a husband-wife team of 5 large locations, we’ve gotten a huge return on investment from working with her. Save yourself lots of time, money and frustration and get the Enrollment Boot Camp – I promise you will not regret it.”


Gerry Pastor with wife Jane Porterfield
Owners, Educational Playcare
5 locations near Hartford, CT

praise for child care marketing solutionsWe Are Finally Enrolling New Children! Tripled Enrollment in 1 Location

Superb Training! In my 25 plus years in the business, I have only once had training of this caliber! Kris has taken marketing to the next level! I feel rejuvenated! We tripled our enrollment in one of our locations (from 30 to 90 children) in just a few months using the Enrollment Boot Camp techniques. I no longer feel like my marketing efforts are fruitless and a waste of money. All of my center management are more motivated than ever. We are Facebooking and emailing and videoing and most importantly of all ENROLLING new children! Hats off to Kris and her Enrollment Boot Camp!”


Annette Gentry
Executive Director
Creative Day School, Greensboro, NC

child care business help reviews and testimonialsYou WILL save time & an un-measurable amount of money!

“Kris is the ONLY child care marketing expert and professional I’ve been able to find that is worth investing in. She has oodles of experience and knowledge that helped get me up and on my feet within weeks! The information and kinds of programs Kris offers is at a fraction of the price most other marketers sell in other fields; however those marketers offer only a fraction of the information and time Kris does. Kris takes the time, knows her clients by name, and is personally invested in each and every one of her students. You WILL save time & an un-measurable amount of money in your child care business with all the knowledge, tips, and expert know-how in Kris’s programs. I know because I have now been a member of Kris’s Insiders Circle for over 3 years!”


Kelley Ebert, Owner & Founder
Family Traditions Child Care
Bexley, OH

Alison_Small-200x300Kris Murray Knows What Works – We Are Proof of That!

“Kris helped us turn our center’s enrollment around completely. When she started working with us, we were really hurting for enrollments. It’s been 11 months, and we are now VERY close to capacity, and actually taking a waiting list for our Kindergarten program! Kris Murray truly cares about early childhood and has a passion for helping others. Not only that, she knows what works – we are living proof of that! We cannot thank you enough, Kris!


Alison Pfeister
Owner, TLC Child Development Center
Hudson, OH

child care marketing success storyWe Doubled Our Enrollment TWICE from What We Learned in Boot Camp

“I attended Kris’s Enrollment Boot Camp in August, and by the following February we had doubled our enrollment from 13 to 26 children. The biggest game-changers we implemented were the tracking system and online marketing strategies, so we could start being FOUND by more parents in our area. Then, we continued to use Kris’s strategies, including social media, and we doubled our enrollment AGAIN! We are so grateful for what Kris and Devin have taught us, and it’s made a huge difference in the revenue and operations of our program.”


Barbara Twachtman
Director, Aloma Methodist ECLC,
Winter Park, FL

Kris is the BEST we’ve found!

“We were struggling with enrollment and separating ourselves from our competitors – which were mostly franchise and chain operations. There comes a point where you need someone who really has the in-depth knowledge about the specific industry you’re in, and we’ve found that Kris is always fresh with things she’s learning and applying to our industry. Her ideas work – she has filled in the blanks for us. Kris is really the best we’ve been able to find to help us get fully enrolled and stay that way!”


Tom & Mary Jo Runfola
Owners – Prep Academy Schools
Columbus, OH

marketing for your day care service reviewsI’ve gotten a 100+% return, you’ve made a difference in my life and the lives of my family!

“I would recommend Kris Murray to anyone seeking marketing advice for childcare. Kris is very knowledgeable, and offers excellent advice and services.

In just over 6 weeks, I have increased visibility and have made superb inroads into fully optimizing my childcare and website and gaining top rankings already for our keywords and phrases. Now, if someone types “childcare for my area” in Google, my site is ranked #3 and in Yahoo! we’re ranked #4, which is awesome! The training that Kris has provided will have a lasting effect on me. She has taught me how to fish… as opposed to giving me a fish! Emotionally my self-management skills and self confidence have improved. I have become a more capable leader and innovator. I’m more aggressive and goal oriented. The Enrollment Bootcamp and Kris’s personal advice has single-handedly revolutionized how I interact with clients. I can see my big future and the people I need to share it with in life and in business. Thanks for all you’ve brought to the table. Your Boot Camp has been the best investment I’ve made for myself period. I’ve gotten a 100 +% return, you’ve made a difference in my life and the lives of my family … for the better! Thank You Kris!”


Dawn Try
Owner, Tiny Tots Family Child Care
Mt. Union, PA

We’ve had an overall increased excitement by our staff in promoting and marketing our program!

“After participating in Kris Murray’s 5-week Enrollment Bootcamp, not only have we increased the ranking and traffic to our website, and the transition of the number of enrollment inquiries to successful enrollments, but we have noticed an overall increased excitement by our staff in promoting and marketing our program. The “gold nuggets” that Kris Murray has shared with us, are practical and logical steps that are supported by her success with other programs. Thanks Kris!”


Lisa Richardson
Executive Director
Creche Child Care & Learning Center, Omaha, NE

Enrolled 10 New Children During the 5-Week Bootcamp!

“I enrolled in Ms.Murray’s 5-week Bootcamp and followed all the steps and suggestions that she made through her training. I will admit it was hard at first to follow some of the suggestions such as following a script on the phone with parents that where inquiring on my center. Once my Director and I got use to it we found that by the time the parents came in for a tour they felt very comfortable because we already knew information about them and their kids. I have enrolled 10 students since I started this course!!!”


Blanca Vasquez
Owner, Sweet Peas Daycare & Learning Center
El Paso, TX

“I work with Center Owners/Directors to help build a marketing and referral program. I suggest Kris’s system, the system works! Anyone can learn to market with her fabulous tools, tips, and resources. You can have a full enrollment with a wait list if follow her practical advice!”


Michele Chavez
Phoenix, Arizona

“Kris Murray is an expert in out-of-the-box thinking for child care business owners. If you want to explode your profits and get a handle on your center’s marketing, you simply must get her stuff!”


Scott & Cindy McClymonds
Owners, Busy Bees Christian Preschool
Northwest Arkansas

“Increased Phone Inquiries, Tours, and Enrollments!”

“I registered for Kris Murray’s Enrollment Bootcamp at a time when my center was close to full, thinking I had time to learn and it would be handy in the future. Within an hour of registration someone called me about buying another center. After looking into the opportunity we decided to move forward. Kris Murray called me personally to help me with naming the center and ALL of the information in the Enrollment Bootcamp has got us spinning our wheels. I don’t know that I would have had a clue where to begin if I had not taken the Enrollment Bootcamp. I am on my way to enrolling the second center and have already seen an increase in phone calls, tours and enrollment at my first center.”


Danielle Gallop
Honey Tree Learning Centers
Brookfield, CT

success stories from child care centers

We’ve Steadily Increased Our Rates While Staying Full, Thanks to Kris

“Kris Murray has given us the template for success at our schools. Though it did take us a while to see results, it has really paid off and we couldn’t have done it without her expert guidance. We are basically full, and are “hanging kids from the rafters”, so to speak, converting a gym in one of our buildings to a classroom, and possibly building a new building in the next year or so. We have our marketing and sales down to a fine science and our closing rate is over 70% tours to closings conversions. We have steadily been able to increase our rates, and though still a good value, we are in the upper end of our market in price and we believe increasing the price and value has helped, not hurt us. We have worked real hard to get to this point and have had many mentors, but none have given us the quality of advice and focused marketing that Kris has! A big thank you to Kris and her team!”


Tom and Mary Jo Runfola
Prep Academy Schools
Columbus, Ohio

Kris Murray’s Ideas Resulted in Over $540,000 in Future Tuition Revenue!

When I attended Kris Murray’s Extreme Marketing Makeover conference,I took home 72 actionable ideas to grow my child care centers. I only implemented TWO of those ideas and that resulted in 38 new children enrolled in just over 3 months. That will bring our business over $540,000 in future revenue. That ain’t monopoly money, Kris…that’s “we’re goin’ to Hawaii for our 35th Wedding Anniversary money!” While my wife, Cindy, didn’t make it to the conference can you guess that she’s a fan :-)!? Thanks for all your help!


Bob Kuehner
Owner, Amazing Kids
Pelham, AL

religous preschool reviews“Dear Kris – Your trainings and teleconferences provide so much useful material. Thank you for allowing us to access so many of the materials you share with your clients. They are really are a gold mine! God bless you! By the way, your suggestions for our school bulletin will be incorporated. You gave us great ideas for our newsletters!”


Sister Caridad, O.C.D
Little Flower Missionary House
Los Angeles, CA

011811_2039_4I Opened My Brand New Center FULLY Enrolled With a Waiting List of 48!

“Kris – Your program has been incredibly invaluable to me! My biggest concern was whether I would have enough kids when I opened the doors to make the venture profitable. I followed your system and guess what…when I opened doors on Jan 4th, 2010, I was AT FULL CAPACITY with a waiting list of 48 children. The parents are loving it & telling their friends & neighbors to get on the wait list. Kris, this program will work for everyone if they apply each & every principle exactly as you outline it, no guesswork & no surprises. Thank you for giving me the tools I need to make my dream of a successful business venture come true!”


Ms. Carmen Stine
Owner, Spotlight Preschool
Bronx, New York

Aleta-MechtelIncreased Enrollment by 49% in Just 90 Days!”

“After 10 years of operation and the new economy, I was looking for something that I could learn from, increase my enrollment and give me that refreshed feeling with my business. I found Kris Murray and absolutely love what her program has done for my business! She has taught me to look at my business in a whole different light. I have learned so many tools to help grow my business! In just 3 short months, I increased my enrollment 49%! AMAZING ! I was hooked the first time I listened to her CD! I could not get enough! Thank you Kris for helping me find that new passion and drive to make my childcare the best it can be!”


Aleta Mechtel
Owner, Children of Tomorrow
Chanhassen, MN

Kris Helped Us Grow Our School!

“Kris Murray has brought lots of tools to our business, and more importantly, an enthusiastic focus on enrollment processes.  We love what we do, and Kris has helped us do it better .”


Rita & Will Scott
Owners, Young Explorers Montessori School
Aurora, OH

Now I Know How to Keep the Enrollments Coming, No Matter What

“All the Insiders Circle materials and information I have received from Kris Murray have been extremely valuable. Not only do they work, but it doesn’t cost you a whole lot of money to implement them. You make it so easy. I also love the motivation you give all your clients. It is really nice to be able to network with people in the same line of work with the same issues and concerns. Today’s economy is tough, but with your program you have taught me how to keep the enrollments coming no matter what!”


Jennifer Chiger
Little Achievers Preschool
New Port Richey, FL

Kris Has Cutting Edge, Proven Strategies that Work!

“Kris Murray truly cares about her clients and wants to help you make your business a great success and advises you with methods that work. I know that I am going to be successful since her recommendations are not old hat, but cutting edge marketing strategies. I am not well versed in internet marketing, but Kris is helping me get my business out in the public’s view. I am excited about my new business and with Kris’s guidance I know that my business will gain enrollment and a great reputation. Thanks Kris!”


Gail Perry Grinkevich
Owner, Children’s Schoolhouse Learning Center
Pennington, NJ

preschool marketing services testimonialEight NEW Families Enrolled in Just 5 Weeks!

“Kris, you have been extremely helpful in the marketing department of my business. I have learned more in 5 weeks then I could in any marketing class or training. My inquiries and tours have gone through the roof. I have enrolled 8 families in 5 weeks. That is a huge success. I very much look forward to continuing this program and putting all that I have learned into play. Thank you so much for all your help and support. I’m so thankful for you!”


Brynn Kelley
Owner, Scribbles & Giggles Child Care,
Lansing, MI

littleton colorado day care marketing review“Amazing Information! Can’t Thank You Enough!”

“The information provided in the Enrollment Bootcamp was amazing! My directors have already implemented so many of the techniques. They are using the scripts for phone inquiries and have already increased the amount of tours we are giving by 25%. With practice I know this number will continue to increase. I am also seeing an improvement in their enrollments from tours. They are communicating our referral programs better and are also holding testimonial contests with their current customers. We have improved our staff referral program and are currently working on improving our website and where we come up in the search engines. I continue to tell everyone in the early childhood industry about your Bootcamp and highly recommend they enroll in your next class. The value of your enrollment Bootcamp is far more than the cost and I can’t thank you enough! My directors and staff now have the tools and knowledge they need to grow their enrollment and achieve the success they have been striving for.”


Cheryl Groth
Regional Director, Little People’s Landing Learning Centers
Littleton, Colorado

“45 Percent Increase in Enrollment in 3 Months! And We Keep Getting Calls!”

“Kris, thank you so much for all your help. Out enrollment for next year is way up. At this time last year we had 18 children enrolled by March 10, 2011. This year we already have 33 enrolled for next year – that’s a 83% increase!

Since the beginning of the year we’ve gotten 25 new children – a 45 percent increase in just three months! We’ve already hired 1 new teacher and 2 assistants and we still keep getting calls for enrollment for this year.

Thanks again and I look forward to many more opportunities to learn from you and Devin.”


Barbara Twachtman
Aloma Early Childhood Learning Center
Winter Park, FL

The Best Investment I Have Ever Made

“The Enrollment Bootcamp was the best investment I have ever made. I learned so much during the 5 week training – more than I’ve learned since doing child care for the past 8 years. I trained my staff on how to give tours, we’ve offered free incentives, and referral bonuses. Potential clients are amazed. My enrollment is up!  I was paying a so-called Marketing Guru $250 per week to market my business and he was worthless. Thank you so much Kris. Wish I had found you a few years ago!”


Margaret Pettis
Owner, Jus Kids Academy
Los Angeles, CA