Kris Murray's Training Programs, Courses and Books

These proven training methods and marketing strategies have worked for hundreds of owners and directors around the country, put them to work for your child care business today!

At The Child Care Success Company we believe in a “lifelong learning approach” to business.  These training products will help you to make huge leaps in enrollment and become more prosperous… often in just a few months!


The Ultimate Price Resistance Study System

Do you struggle to effectively communicate your program’s VALUE rather than just the fees you charge? Do you feel “beaten down” by price-shopping parents, who just want to know your rates and then hang up the phone? Finally, do you wish you could easily attract more private-pay clients rather than having to rely on subsidy programs? If so, you’re not alone. This is one of biggest “trouble areas” faced by child care business owners and leaders.

The Ultimate Price Resistance Home Study System is a brand new training program to give you the exact tools and formula to:ultimate price resistance child care marketing

  • Identify and easily communicate your unique value
  • Add competitive advantages to your program
  • Eliminate “price shoppers”
  • Attract more ideal clients and more private pay families
  • Charge higher rates while staying fully enrolled

Get the blueprint and tools you need to finally attract all the clients you need with ZERO price resistance, plus attract more of your BEST clients, even if you’re in a high-subsidy market.

Kris Murray's Enrollment Boot Camp

Fast-Start Home Study System

Kris teaches a 5-week “virtual” course on how to dramatically grow your enrollment by focusing on the core steps of your enrollment process: how to get your phone to ring with more quality inquiries, how to convert those inquiries to tours, and how to optimize your tour to get more enrollments!  Lifetime access to course materials allows you to consume it on your own schedule, as fast as suits you.  We focus on the 5 key steps for enrollment growth – no fuss, no extra stuff you don’t need.  Just fast results.

Summer Camp Marketing Kit

Create, Promote, Enroll…

Do you need help transforming your Summer Child Care Program into a profit center?  Through video training on DVD, along with a workbook and “swipe file” of summer marketing tools and examples, you’ll learn to create a unique summer learning experience!  Lifetime access to course materials allows you to consume it on your own schedule, as fast as suits you.  Reduce waste in your summer marketing dollars and renew your energy with this fantastic resource!

The Ultimate Email Marketing Package


Kris and her team at The Child Care Success Company have developed a series of emails that can be set up on a “set it and forget it” auto-responder system to help you with your prospect follow up. This is a done-for-you email system that is perfect for ANY daycare center or preschool to swipe and deploy. We want to help your child care center put its best face forward with its current email campaigns by ultilizing gorgeous, professionally designed email campaigns representing your brand.

Kris Murray's List Building Boot Camp

Monetize Enrollment Quickly

Even if you’re not a techie or you don’t have much knowledge or experience, you’ll get value from this training.  We’ve intentionally made the content easy to understand so anyone can take action on it.  If you can send an email, you can use these ideas and strategies.
Imagine what it will be like next month to have a list in place, and know that anytime you have an opening you can simply “go to the list” to start them coming in and getting you back to full enrollment.

Social Media 101 for Child Care

Increase Enrollment & Retention

The marketing landscape is changing.  Forms of marketing and advertising that worked to help you stay full even a couple of years ago are now becoming ineffective.  Today’s parents are online-first searchers and trust the recommendations of strangers online over your marketing message. If you want to connect with today’s parents before they start making up their mind about who to use for child care you need to be harnessing the power of social media sites – especially Facebook and Pinterest.

Adwords Academy

Grow Your Inquiries Overnight

This system has come from years and years of experience, testing, hard work, and trial and error. We’ve easily spent over $10,000.00 in training to learn from the best.  And tested what we have learned to ensure it works in our industry with its nuances and special needs. We’ve then taken the extra step to make sure the content is easy to understand and not some “tech talk” that would make your head spin. Save time and money by knowing what to do and how to do it from the start, and secure your success.