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Do You Want To Double Your Inquiries Fast?

Learn How to Grow Your Inquiries Overnight with Google Adwords and Facebook Ads without Wasting Your Money.

We Spend Hundreds of Dollars a Month on Pay-Per-Click Ads – Let Us Teach You How to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Child Care or Preschool.  This is customized training for the child care field, and this is the only place you’ll find it.

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INSTANTLY reach more of your ideal families – literally overnight and for pennies (or dimes) per lead.

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Adwords Academy for Child Care

Your Complete Training Package

Don’t worry if you’re “technologically challenged” this simple step-by-step roadmap is exactly what you need to start EFFECTIVELY using Google and Facebook Ads.  This course is set up as a series of videos – one training video for each module accompanied by worksheets, templates, and examples all pulled together in a 414-page workbook.

11 Module Course ($997 Value) + 4 Bonus Gifts ($588 Value)
Total Value $1585, but today you can get this package for only $297!

Only $297

What You Receive

We’ve easily spent over $10,000 in training to learn from the best, and then we’ve tested what we have learned to ensure it works in the child care industry with its nuances and special needs.  This program uses language that is easy to understand, not some “tech talk” that would make your head spin. Knowing what to do and how to do it from the start, you secure your success and save time and money. 

15-Module Training System

The Adwords for Child Care system includes Lifetime DIGITAL Access to these proven and effective modules.  The entire 15-module course is delivered DIGITALLY on our industry-leading membership site, so you can access the training when it is convenient for you. No need to travel or make calls at busy times.  With this site you will also have lifetime access so you can go back if you want to rewatch a module again.

Each of the modules is designed to give you everything you need to create, manage, and improve your Adwords and Facebbok campaigns.  You get all of this: videos, worksheets, templates, tools and examples.


Google Adwords Overiew
We build the foundation so you get a great overview of how Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising and these programs work. How campaigns are funded, where your money is going, and how these tools are structured.


10 Minutes to Your 1st Ad
Sometimes time is of the essence so here I show you how to get your first ad up and running in just 10 minutes! It can be that fast and easy when you know the ins and outs.


Your Adwords Account
We start getting into the meat of the course and you will learn how to set up your AdWords account the right way and what each of the options will do plus pros and cons.


Discover why some keyword searches are more important than others and how they tell you what your prospects need and want. In this module I will also give you my complete list of child care keywords so you won’t need to spend hours trying to figure them out on your own. (Worth the entire cost of the training alone!)


Adgroup Structure
We talk about what is probably the key secret to AdWords success for child care programs. This is a secret I discovered for myself that is leading to massive results and as far as I know nobody else is doing anything like it.


Writing Ad Copy
Your ads and how you use the words in them is critical to your success and effects your costs. Learn the 4-step process of writing your ads, I’ll show you an almost fill-in-the-blank way to writing winning ads every time.


Campaign Structure
Here we go through how to set up your ads so they are the most relevant to the people searching for you. I also show you how and why some searchers have different values to you and how to pay less for those prospects with lower value.


Landing Pages
When someone clicks on your ad they are taken to your landing page, it’s the first impression they have of you. This page can be the difference between potential customers leaving your website – or enrolling with you.


Bidding & Budget
Here you will learn the simple techniques to set your marketing budget to get you the results you want, without keeping you awake at night worrying.


Knowing what works and what is wasting your money is extremely important. In this module I will show you how to track your campaigns in Google Adwords, what reports are important and will give you that dashboard view so you can quickly see what is happening.


Testing & Improving
In this module I will take you a step beyond what you learned in Module 10 and give you my insider knowledge about what the tracking numbers means and how to improve your results so you spend less and get more enrollments.


Advanced Tactics
I want you to understand that Adwords can do some really advanced things like creating powerful image ads, you’ll also learn how to get your ads to follow people around the web and show up on sites like CNN for no extra money.


Bing & Yahoo!
Google is not the only major player in this market. Google might be the 800 pound gorilla of marketing but Yahoo and Bing still very powerful and depending on the demographic you are searching for you can get great results. So in this module I will show you how to take your success from Google and transfer them to these other networks.


Take the opportunity to get in front of your best prospects with the Facebook ad network. Here you will learn the techniques of writing good ads for social media sites, and how to funnel those prospects into enrollments.


Many of the tips, techniques and secrets you have learned in this course work great on Craigslist, both for finding parents and teachers. So in this module I show you how take what you already know and make it work on Craigslist so you don’t have to spend the time and effort re-inventing the wheel.


Get lifetime Access Today!
If We Helped You to DOUBLE the Number of Prospects Contact You in Your Market, What Would that Be Worth to You?

guarantee2Our 1 Year 100% Guarantee

GUARANTEE #1: This system comes with my personal 100% money-back guarantee which is good for ONE WHOLE YEAR after your purchase date. So if after you open it up you find that it’s just not what you thought it was, that’s no problem. And you have up to 1 year to decide.

GUARANTEE #2: If you take action on what you learn in this system, I guarantee you will grow your enrollment by at least 5 new children in the next year. This means $50,000 in new revenue for your program. If you use the strategies I teach, and you don’t grow by at least 5 children (which is a tiny fraction of what I think will actually happen for you) I will give you a 100% full refund plus $100 extra for wasting your time.

No hassles, no questions asked, just let us know via email or phone, and we’ll refund you right away.



BONUS 1:  The Latest in Facebook Ads (90-Minute Video Training)We just finished a private client webinar focusing on all-new changes in Facebook ads and how to use the Power Editor to target VERY specific groups in your community, using Facebook ads.  No one outside of our Platinum & Diamond members will be provided this special training ($197 Value).

BONUS 2:  The Ultimate Time Management Guide for Child Care Owners and DirectorsThis valuable training manual and accompanying MP3 audio course will teach you how to reduce time-wasters and time robbers in your life, be more productive, and reach that next level of success by focusing on your “high payoff” activities. Set a new tone and culture in your program where staff are your team players in helping YOU be more productive! Eliminate road-blocks and pave the way for success, renewing your creative spirit and reducing burnout. ($97 Value)

BONUS 3: Kris Murray Explains Millenial MomsIn this recording of a live presentation by Kris you will learn about how your new target market (Millennial Moms and Dads) thinks and acts differently than other generations. You’ll learn powerful strategies for how to attract and enroll Millennials, what their “hot buttons” are, and how to use this to your advantage in growing enrollment. ($97 Value)

BONUS 4: The 5 Big Trends of Our Industry in 2014Over 300 child care leaders attended this tele-class, and now you can get the inside scoop on what took place. Kris Murray explains the 5 big trends in 2014 that are adversely affecting the child care industry and how to prevent them from hurting the growth and success of your child care center or preschool. This is a not-to-be-missed audio class, provided to you instantly as an MP3 recording. ($97 Value)


Harness the Web to Stay Fully Enrolled & Successful

4 Must-Haves to Building Enrollment

At the end of the day, it’s all about your lead-generation, lead-capture, and enrollment-building PROCESSES that make the difference in whether you succeed and grow…or close your doors.

  • Getting your phone to ring with a high volume of quality parents.
  • Getting those folks to come visit you, so you can build a relationship.
  • Giving them a great tour that stands out from the crowd.
  • Following up with them in a way that gets their attention and brings them back to enroll.

The Benefits of Effective Web Advertising

  • INSTANTLY reach more of your ideal families – literally overnight and for pennies (or dimes) per lead.
  • Spend your marketing dollars only when you need enrollments so you are not wasting money when you are full.
  • Segment and attract specific AGE GROUPS in your ads – for example, just Moms of preschoolers, or just infant-parents.
  • Use this same knowledge to win with Facebook ads and actually make money from your social media efforts.
  • Peace of mind comes from knowing you can get your program fully enrolled because when you get an opening, you can simply “turn on” your pay-per-click campaign, and turn it off when you get full again.

Praise for Kris Murray's Adwords Academy

BarbT“45 Percent Increase in Enrollment in 3 Months! And We Keep Getting Calls!”

“Kris, thank you so much for all your help. Out enrollment for next year is way up. At this time last year we had 18 children enrolled by March 10, 2011. This year we already have 33 enrolled for next year – that’s a 83% increase!

Since the beginning of the year we’ve gotten 25 new children – a 45 percent increase in just three months! We’ve already hired 1 new teacher and 2 assistants and we still keep getting calls for enrollment for this year.”


Barbara Twachtman
Aloma Early Childhood Learning Center
Winter Park, FL


“Kris Murray Knows What Works – We Are Proof of That!”

“Kris helped us turn our center’s enrollment around completely. When she started working with us, we were really hurting for enrollments. It’s been 11 months, and we are now VERY close to capacity, and actually taking a waiting list for our Kindergarten program! Kris Murray truly cares about early childhood and has a passion for helping others. Not only that, she knows what works – we are living proof of that! We cannot thank you enough, Kris!


Alison Pfeister
Owner, TLC Child Development Center
Hudson, OH

“Kris Has Cutting Edge, Proven Strategies that Work!”

“Kris Murray truly cares about her clients and wants to help you make your business a great success and advises you with methods that work. I know that I am going to be successful since her recommendations are not old hat, but cutting edge marketing strategies. I am not well versed in internet marketing, but Kris is helping me get my business out in the public’s view. I am excited about my new business and with Kris’s guidance I know that my business will gain enrollment and a great reputation. Thanks Kris!”


Gail Perry Grinkevich
Owner, Children’s Schoolhouse Learning Center
Pennington, New Jersey

“Kris Helped Us Grow Our School!”

“Kris Murray has brought lots of tools to our business, and more importantly, an enthusiastic focus on enrollment processes.  We love what we do, and Kris has helped us do it better .”


Rita & Will Scott
Owners, Young Explorers Montessori School
Aurora, OH

TOMMJRUNFOLA-300x256“Kris is the BEST we’ve found!”

“We were struggling with enrollment and separating ourselves from our competitors – which were mostly franchise and chain operations. There comes a point where you need someone who really has the in-depth knowledge about the specific industry you’re in, and we’ve found that Kris is always fresh with things she’s learning and applying to our industry. Her ideas work – she has filled in the blanks for us. Kris is really the best we’ve been able to find to help us get fully enrolled and stay that way!”


Tom & Mary Jo Runfola
Owners – Prep Academy Schools
Columbus, OH

Aleta-Mechtel“Increased Enrollment by 49% in Just 90 Days!”

“After 10 years of operation and the new economy, I was looking for something that I could learn from, increase my enrollment and give me that refreshed feeling with my business. I found Kris Murray and absolutely love what her program has done for my business! She has taught me to look at my business in a whole different light. I have learned so many tools to help grow my business! In just 3 short months, I increased my enrollment 49%! AMAZING ! I was hooked the first time I listened to her CD! I could not get enough! Thank you Kris for helping me find that new passion and drive to make my childcare the best it can be!”


Aleta Mechtel
Owner, Children of Tomorrow
Chanhassen, MN

011811_2039_4“I Opened My Brand New Center FULLY Enrolled With a Waiting List of 48!”

“Kris – Your program has been incredibly invaluable to me! My biggest concern was whether I would have enough kids when I opened the doors to make the venture profitable. I followed your system and guess what…when I opened doors on Jan 4th, 2010, I was AT FULL CAPACITY with a waiting list of 48 children. The parents are loving it & telling their friends & neighbors to get on the wait list. Kris, this program will work for everyone if they apply each & every principle exactly as you outline it, no guesswork & no surprises. Thank you for giving me the tools I need to make my dream of a successful business venture come true!


Ms. Carmen Stine
Owner, Spotlight Preschool
Bronx, New York