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Finally, an Easy, Step-by-Step System to Build Your Email List of Prospects and Loyal Customers.

The Fastest Way to Maximize Your Enrollment and Build Trust with One Click of the “Send” Button.

kris murrays child care list building training program
This is the only list building training program for the child care industry, and the Exact Blueprint We Used to Build a List of Over 15,000 Subscribers – and Continue to Add Hundreds of New Subscribers Each and Every Month!

Build a relationship with prospective parents in your town so you become the trusted expert and friend.

Be “top of mind” when a parent is ready to enroll.

Make additional income for your school with new revenue streams created by your “house list”.

List Building for Child Care Centers

Your Complete Training Package

This course is set up as a series of videos accompanied by worksheets, templates, and examples – plus audio recordings of actual Q&A calls we did with the Boot Camp students.  If you’re energetic, you can easily complete the entire course this weekend.  Or take it at your own pace, you’ll have “lifetime access” to the digital materials so you can do what works best for you.  Course Modules include:

Only $297

What You Receive

Module One: TRAFFIC

We start off from the beginning. To build a list, you need to have people coming to you so we start off with all of our knowledge about how to get traffic to your website and phones.

  • Includes 4 training videos: Overview, Getting Traffic, Google Places and SEO to Get Traffic, and More Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques.
Module Two: OFFERS

Here’s the “secret sauce” to list building. You need to have something of value to offer people in exchange for their contact information. The quality of your offer will directly determine the quality and quantity of your list. Ignore this module at your own risk.

  • Includes 1 core training video plus 5 bonus videos: how to create simple but compelling videos you can use on your website, YouTube, and social media to drive leads to your program.

In this module we look at all the major email management programs and the pros and cons of each. You will discover that depending on your program different programs will be a better fit for your needs. In this module we will also look step-by-step at how to integrate these email management program into your website and enrollment funnel. When done right it is as easy as cut and paste – done!

  • Includes 9 training videos: 1 video on pros and cons of different email management programs and how to choose the best one for you, plus 8 videos on how to integrate list-building forms on your website’s home page.

People enroll their children with programs they “know, like and trust” so in this module we dig into the triggers that will cause people to look forward to your emails. This is how you become their child care expert and trusted adviser – and eventually, the one they want to do business with.

  • Includes 2 training videos plus: a 5-step Email Follow-Up Campaign you can model and use.

Quality list building is really very simple so in this module I take the entire system and put it together visually for you on one sheet of paper. I swiped the name of this module from a mentor of mine who build a multi-million dollar business from a list building funnel he drew out on the back of a bar napkin. In this module I also reveal the 11 hidden psychological motivators that get people to take action, the power of “swipe files”, and more.

  • Includes 1 core training video plus: tons of extra resources, checklists, and more.

guarantee2Our 1 Year 100% Guarantee

GUARANTEE #1: This system comes with my personal 100% money-back guarantee which is good for ONE WHOLE YEAR after your purchase date. So if after you open it up you find that it’s just not what you thought it was, that’s no problem. And you have up to 1 year to decide.

GUARANTEE #2: If you take action on what you learn in this system, I guarantee you will grow your enrollment by at least 5 new children in the next year. This means $50,000 in new revenue for your program. If you use the strategies I teach, and you don’t grow by at least 5 children (which is a tiny fraction of what I think will actually happen for you) I will give you a 100% full refund plus $100 extra for wasting your time.

No hassles, no questions asked, just let us know via email or phone, and we’ll refund you right away.



PLUS - Valuable Bonus Gifts are Yours to Keep!

BONUS #1: The Ultimate Time Management Guide for Child Care Owners and Directors – This valuable training manual and accompanying MP3 audio course will teach you how to reduce time-wasters and time robbers in your life, be more productive, and reach that next level of success by focusing on your “high payoff” activities. Set a new tone and culture in your program where staff are your team players in helping YOU be more productive! Eliminate road-blocks and pave the way for success, renewing your creative spirit and reducing burnout. (Value $97.00)

BONUS #2: Kris Murray Explains Millennial Moms – In this recording of a live presentation by Kris you will learn about how your new target market (Millennial Moms and Dads) thinks and acts differently than other generations. You’ll learn powerful strategies for how to attract and enroll Millennials, what their “hot buttons” are, and how to use this to your advantage in growing enrollment. (Value $97.00)

BONUS #3: (Audio Class) The 5 Big Trends of Our Industry in 2014 – Over 300 child care leaders attended this tele-class, and now you can get the inside scoop on what took place. Kris Murray explains the 5 big trends in 2014 that are adversely affecting the child care industry and how to prevent them from hurting the growth and success of your child care center or preschool. This is a not-to-be-missed audio class, provided to you instantly as an MP3 recording. (Value $197.00)

TOTAL Value of All Three Terrific Bonuses: $391.00

Praise for Kris Murray's List Building Bootcamp

KevinandBeckyP“Our List of 4,483 Families in Gainesville is One of Our Biggest Business Assets – and the Main Reason We are Fully Enrolled with a Wait List”

“We started building our email list after working with Kris, and in just over 2 years time, we have 4,483 prospects and clients on our list.  Most of these are high-quality Gainesville families who are seeking child care.  Our list continues to perform great results for us, and we are now fully enrolled with a waiting list.  We also track the results: 24% of the people who visit our home page opt in to our list, which is very good.  Thanks to Kris and Devin for motivating us to get started with list-building!”


Kevin Patrick
A Child’s Academy
Gainesville, FL

“Three Thousand Names and Growing!”

“We have a list of about 3,000 names. We’ve been rather determined to collect email addresses from everyone for about three years now. We market to our list by sending out weekly or bi-weekly articles that parents would be interested in. This has helped us grow our brand, our visibility in our community, and grow our enrollment.”


Ken and Pat Johnsson
Child’s World Academy
Monroe, CT